Thinking of taking the property plunge?

Consider Me Your Guinea Pig.

Learn the skills to invest smartly.

Hi! I’m Chris,

Are you thinking about getting into the world of property? That makes two of us.

Consider me your property guinea pig. This site is all about tracking my own journey into property. Follow my trials, tribulations and everything in between. On this site I document my full journey and make it available for all to see. Fully transparent – including real life figures on what money I make (or not) as the months go by.

What Does This Site Offer?

Every month I publish my properly related activities, costs & income.

As I come across useful resources, I publish for all to use.

I’m a genuine believer that one of the best ways to grow is to keep yourself accountable.

Sometimes (just sometimes) I have something interesting to say, and this is my platform.

Don’t Know Where To Start?

Follow my handy little library tool to get the most useful content as it relates to you!

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I’m in the process of creating the functionality for folk’s to create & share their own progress journals! Express your interest, 100% free.

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