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Last Updated: 02/07/2020

This website is built for informational and entertainment purposes only. Please note that this website has been prepared by an individual who is documenting their journey into property development. Therefore the contents of this site are here as an aid to himself and/or any others who may benefit from the contents of this site. The author will take no responsibility for the actions taken by an individual or entity as a results of what is contained within this website. Whilst every caution will be taken to ensure readers are provided with the most accurate information, no guarantees can be made so readers using the information on this site do so at their own risk. Any reliance you place on such information is therefore strictly at your own risk. You will not be compensated in any way whatsoever if you happen to suffer a loss / inconvenience / damage because of / while making use of the information included or omitted from this site. Please always seek professional advice before making any decisions.

Old posts and pages may be updated on a regular basis but the author is not bound to state all corrections made or when they were made.

This website also features contents written by other people / entities. This site takes no responsibility for the views or advice expressed by others. People acting on such advice or writing do so strictly at their own risk in line with the statements made in the first paragraph.

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