On The Ball Property – Opportunity In Chaos

Hi All, the time has come for another featured story about a recent start-up in the world of property. Like me, Josh has decided that there is opportunities to be had with the Coronavirus pandemic. It’s that mentality that inspired the title for this post, that there is opportunity in chaos. A few months in and things are going well for him. Anyway, that’s enough from me blabbering on, let’s hear directly from Josh, the founder of On The Ball Property.

On The Ball Property

I’ve said this before, but Twitter is a great place to meet fellow entrepreneurs! It’s jam packed full of interesting people with their own story to tell. If you’re not already on there, get yourself on. You can find both myself and today’s guest on there too!

That’s a wrap!

On The Ball Property Logo

I hope you’ve all enjoyed this featured story about On The Ball Property. I am sure you will all join me in wishing Josh the best of luck in the venture to come. I am personally looking forward to seeing how things develop in the months and years to come! For further insight, news and services check out this link here.

Got Your Own Story To Tell?

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