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As my journey into property continues I will keep finding and building useful resources along the way. This page is designed to hold them all, quick and easy access for all.

Property Plunge Useful Resources


Buy To Let Yield Calculator

Useful Links

Property Tribes Logo

I use Property Tribes as a resource to help and connect with other folks who are interested in Property. It’s a great hive to learn from other’s experience and hindsight. If you’re planning to get into property soon, or already in the game… I recommend you check it out.

The Property Pages

I use The Property Pages to help keep myself updated with the wider goings on of the property web. It’s a great little tool to broaden your reading with reliable data – they sort by popularity rather than any paid ads.

Recommended Products

I use the Astra Pro Theme on this website through WordPress. It gives me the customisation options I want in a website that looks and feels great. If you’ve got your own property related site, or website in general – check it out.

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